Glass and Mirror Repair in Madison, TX

Clear Choice Glass and Mirror, founded in 2014, offers comprehensive glass and mirror services, including residential window and glass installation, auto glass repair, and specialty glass projects in Madison, TX. Known for our 24/7 service, we are a trusted name in the industry, committed to providing top-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. 

Call Clear Choice for Window Repair in Madison, TX

At Clear Choice, we offer tailored services that address the demands of both residential and commercial clients in the area. Our expertise in glass and mirror services ensures that whether it’s a simple window repair or a complex specialty glass installation, Madison residents can trust Clear Choice to deliver exceptional results. The residents of Madison take pride in maintaining their homes and vehicles, making reliable glass and mirror services essential. If you reside or own a business in Madison needing expert glass and mirror services, call our team today at 903-727-0425

Residential Window and Glass Installation

Clear Choice offers top-notch residential window and glass installation services, handling everything from installing new windows to repairing damaged ones. Their expertise covers a wide range of vehicles, making them a go-to choice for auto glass needs in Madison.

  • Window installation
  • Window repair
  • Glass replacement and repair
  • Specialty heavy equipment glass
  • Bullet-resistant glass

For more details, check out their residential window installation page.

Auto Glass Repair and Installation

Driving with a damaged windshield or window can be hazardous. Clear Choice provides swift and reliable auto glass repair and installation services. Whether it’s a small chip or a complete replacement, they ensure that vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Their expertise covers a wide range of vehicles and includes:

  • Chip repair
  • Auto glass installation
  • Classic car glass installation

Learn more about their auto glass services.

Specialty Glass Installation

For unique glass projects, Clear Choice offers specialty glass installation services. 

  • Heavy-duty glass
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Specialty glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Storefront glass
  • Classic car glass

Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make them the preferred choice for specialty glass projects.

Client Testimonials

Clear Choice has built a strong reputation in Madison, TX, thanks to glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Customers appreciate our professionalism, quick response times, and high-quality workmanship. 

  • Tammy said: “ Great friendly service, from 1st phone call to completed job.

Salvador was EXCELLENT and knew just what to do to fix all 3 doors that had issues for some time.  So grateful for his knowledge.  Now our center is even more efficient and safer bc of his skill.” 

  • Tommy had to say this about our service: “My insurance agent recomended Clear Choice after we had a bad experience with a different well known company a few years ago. Clear Choice did a great job. The replacement windshield was exactly like the original. They even adjusted to a last minute scheduling change on our part. I highly recommend them.”
  • Christopher says: “ This place is the best around. Killer prices with exceptional and above standards staff. Very nice and concerned.  Craftsmanship and material quality is something you don’t have to stress about here either what so ever. And the location and ease of access isn’t so bad either. Right off the highway. Great place and highly recommended.” 

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Clear Choice Glass and Mirror is the top choice for glass and mirror services in Madison, TX. With our extensive range of glass, mirror, and window services, 24/7 availability, and commitment to quality, we cater to the needs of the Madison community. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex installation, Clear Choice is the trusted partner for all glass-related needs in Madison. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help you.

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